Why Sell with Us

We Are Unique

You might ask what sets us apart from other online shops such as Etsy. Glad you asked!

We are a unique, niche website, strictly based in Saskatchewan, selling Saskatchewan-made products by Saskatchewanians. Our site traffic is mostly local folks, so you get Saskatchewan people looking at and purchasing your products.

We are also specific to rustic home decor products. This means the web traffic to your goods is extremely relevant.

Reach local people looking for rustic home decor.

It’s Easy

Apply to become a Barnwood Star vendor, set up your vendor profile page, post your products and once you are approved you can start selling!

Easily manage your own products, customer communication and more by logging into your own Barnwood Star dashboard.

We try to make selling with us as easy for you as possible. You don’t need to be a marketing whiz or computer genius.

You don’t have to worry about the technical stuff

You won’t need to worry about hosting fees, server issues, downtime, updates, website maintenance, or any of the issues that come with owning and managing your own website – we do all that for you. You can just focus on your business and we’ll do the rest.

Options for Delivery or Local Pickup

Set up delivery, shipping or local pickup options for your products specifically. Pick the location you want to sell to – by city, province or postal code(s). This is handy for those vendors who only want to sell to people in their area and want to hand deliver or set up a local pickup.

Tons of Shipping Options

Do you want to offer free shipping if customers buy $100 or more of your product? Do you want to charge $0 for shipping to your hometown, and more to other areas or provinces? Do you want to charge a shipping fee only if a customer buys 3 or more of your items? We can set up shipping any way you like!

Set up standard, express, local delivery or local pickup shipping options and fees for each option.

Get Paid Quickly & Easily

Many vendors selling handmade goods do not have a debit or credit machine and rely on getting paid by cash or check, which can get cumbersome. Get paid quickly and easily straight to your PayPal account or by e-transfer straight to your bank account when your customers buy your products through Barnwood Star.

Sell a Little or a Lot

Sell a few unique pieces, or stock items with more inventory.

Custom Orders

Sell products that are made to order or that can be customized. Include a note to the customer attached to each product informing them of the time it takes you to make and ship that particular product.

Your customers can customize their order by providing you with their specifications upon checkout.

Your Own Shop Dashboard

Log in to your own dashboard on Barnwood Star to see your sales, products, inventory, orders, page views and more.

Manage all your own products from your dashboard, which includes all product details such as images, descriptions, prices, and more. You can also schedule times for your items to be on sale.

Your Own Shop Page

Each vendor has their very own shop page (similar to Etsy) on Barnwood Star located at a unique URL (ex: www.barnwoodstar.ca/shop/your-shop).  Your shop page includes a banner, profile picture, contact information, Google Map of your location, your own store Terms & Conditions and of course a list of all your products.

Send customers from your social media accounts or other places to your shop page so they can browse only your products!

Easy Customer Communication

Customers are automatically notified by email a receipt upon purchase and when the items are shipped or delivered.

Send manual emails to customers about custom orders or to schedule delivery/pickup through your dashboard.

Like a Local Trade Show – but Easier!

Sell to a larger, more relevant audience all over Saskatchewan alongside fellow local artisans without packing up and heading to a trade show.


By selling your products with us, you’re supporting other local vendors on Barnwood Star, too!

Apply Now!