Vendor FAQ’s

Below is a list of FAQ’s asked by vendors and Barnwood Star’s answers to them. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

How do I get set up with Barnwood Star?
First, register to become a vendor here. Once you are approved, we will contact you to set up your account. Then, you can start uploading products to your dashboard and start selling! It’s as simple as that. If you need help, we can set it up for you and/or meet with you to show you how it all works.
Are there any fees to sell my products on Barnwood Star?
In order to keep the site up and running, we charge a 10% commission on every transaction processed through Barnwood Star.

Note: In addition, there is a mandatory 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction charged by the payment gateways that we use (PayPal and credit card payments).

How does shipping work?
Each vendor will have their own set of shipping “rules” i.e. where you want to ship your products, shipping fees for each location, etc. Ship to only the locations you want; just one city or specific cities, rural areas or provinces.
What if I don't want to ship my products?
You can set shipping options for your products to “Hand Delivery” and/or “Local Pickup” if you don’t want to ship your products through a carrier. Then you can sell to people only within your area that you can hand deliver to or would be able to pick up their items.
What happens when a customer orders product from multiple vendors?
The customer is given different shipping options per vendor upon checkout. Then you (the vendor) will receive an order with their specific shipping options for your products so you can complete the order accordingly.
What happens to the shipping fees and taxes?
You (the vendor) will receive all shipping fees and taxes.
How do I get paid?
You will get paid to your PayPal account or through an Interac E-transfer, whichever you prefer. After your orders have been completed (i.e. shipped or delivered) you can withdraw your money from your Barnwood Star account and choose your preferred payment method. Your account balance is shown on your shop dashboard.
Do I need a PayPal Business account to get paid?
No. Just a regular PayPal account will do.
What if a customer wants a refund?
At this time, we will not handle refunds. All sales are final.
Why should I sell on Barnwood Star?
Glad you asked! Check out our awesome reasons here.
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