Touches of Turquoise: Will the Trend Last?


What is it about turquoise that adds that little bit of extra rustic warm and fuzzies to a room? It must be the nostalgic, almost retro vibe it brings.

Turquoise (or teal, or aqua if you prefer) is a VERY popular trend right now in all styles of home decor. But is it a trend that will last? Or will it date your style when looking back in 2025?

In my opinion, it’s been around long enough that it could be more than just a trend. It’s been a “trendy” colour since 2010, and my prediction is that it will stick around for a while yet. Or maybe I’m just biased because it’s my favourite colour.

Take a peek through the designs below that use turquoise in an understated, yet trendy, way.

two tone kitchen cabinets with turquoise

via Kitchen Design Ideas / Cabinets by Alno


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