The Ultimate Modern/Rustic Look


Natural textures are a true “tried and tested” way to add a rustic feel to your home – the most recent craze being wooden shiplap walls. And even better than adding just wood, add weathered-looking wood and you’re on trend, my friend!

My ultimate favourite weathered wood look is most definitely the whitewashed finish. The clean crisp colour of white that is synonymous with modern design, and the wooden texture of rustic decor brings the two worlds together.

Whitewashed wood is basically any wood with a white finish (usually white paint) that has been scraped off or distressed to look like it’s faded. I just think it goes with everything! It’s definitely an instant classic in my opinion.

You can achieve this look yourself on the cheap with an old paintbrush and some white paint of any kind, really. Some techniques call for a wet brush and a little paint brushed on haphazardly, or you can water down your paint, or use the dry brush technique. I also like the glue technique; you cover your wood with Elmer’s glue, then paint it white. Upon drying it crackles up like it’s been weathered quite nicely. The crackle look is less “whitewashed” so to speak, but it looks very unique.

Peruse the designs below to inspire your next whitewash project!

whitewashed barn doors

Design by La Mode Design

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