Rustic Home Design with Tree Stumps


How do you get more rustic than bringing actual trees (or parts of them) into your home? I just don’t know.

It sounds impractical, but tree stumps are surprisingly versatile pieces. Use them by themselves as end tables, coffee tables, night stands, etc. Or get creative and use them as the base to your tables. All sorts of other materials can be added as a tabletop, use your imagination! Glass, wood, metal…

Then paint them with a design, carve them, varnish them, stain them or keep them au naturale; the ideas are endless.

I’ve recently come to own a few large wood stumps myself, and will be using them in my own home very soon – I will add them to the blog when they are complete!

For now, I rounded up some great uses of wood stumps in home decor for your inspiration below.

log coffee table

boho painted tree stump tables

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