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If you live in Regina and are familiar with the local boutiques in town, you’ve probably heard of Fat Plant Farm.  Kait, the owner and artist, makes amazingly creative and trendy concrete planters for succulents.

This post has been a while in the making. I talked to Kait quite some time ago – but life got in the way (as they say) of me posting until now. Kait was very generous to answer some questions that I had about her business. If you’re wondering how she started Fat Plant Farm and how to keep plants alive, keep reading!

Amy:  “When did you start Fat Plant Farm? What sparked the idea?”

Kait: “Fat Plant Farm evolved from an Instagram account that I began to share my succulent collection and to quit annoying my family and friends on my personal account with plant photos!

At the time, I also had a seasonal horticultural job with the winters off.  So in the early winter of 2015 I began dabbling with concrete to create planters to house some of my favourite and most prized succulents.  I like to pot them up individually which helps to showcase their unique characteristics that I find oh so irresistible.

Following this was the stereotypical story of having friends and family encourage me to sell them.  Later in the winter of 2016, I created my Fat Plant Farm Facebook page and put it out to the world to see if anyone would be interested in succulents and concrete.  The response was both overwhelming and awesome!”

Amy: “Do you have any help? You do a lot for one person!”

Kait: “Fat Plant Farm has taken over our house, from storing plants in our bathroom, basement, living room, and dining room as well as our garage. I’m very much thankful for my husband’s support in having a house over taken by plants and my four year old daughter will probably never know the difference. The garage is where I do all of my concrete work.  I have help from family during crunch time when I’m preparing for upcoming markets.  And at those markets, you’ll find a crew of myself, my husband, my sister, my brother in-law’s and sometimes my friends!”

Amy: “Do you have any tips for people (like me) who are horrible at keeping house plants alive?”

Kait: “I gravitated towards succulents as there is an endless variety of plants to collect and because they are a low maintenance house plant.  And I like to make the point of saying low maintenance and not no maintenance as they are often marketed as hard to kill.  They still require care and attention from you but once you’ve figured out their wants and needs, it takes the guess work out of it.

When you first get your succulent, take a photo of it.  It’ll be a great reference to look back on to see what it should look like. It’s also fun to see how your plants change in both colour and in size.  This is originally why I began my Instagram account as a plant journal essentially.

Succulents have the ability to store water, hence their nickname “Fat Plant,” which specifically refers to the ones that store water in their stems and leaves.   As the plant uses up that stored water, you’ll notice the texture of its leaves change by wrinkling and/or shrivelling. This is a great sign to indicate that you need to water!  When in doubt, wait a day or two to water. ”

Thanks again Kait for giving me a bit of your valuable time to answer my questions!

If you would like to check out Kait’s planters, visit her website www.fatplantfarm.com, her Instagram account @fatplantfarm or her Facebook page Fat Plant Farm. Her Facebook page is always updated with upcoming events, pop ups and markets that she’s participating in.

Fat Plant Farm also recently teamed up with one of Barnwood Star’s featured vendors Wood Flame Candles to produce a limited edition item – the cutest concrete candle holders featuring Kim’s Wood Flame Candles! How cool is that?

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. 🙂

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