Amy Catley - Owner of Barnwood Star

Amy Catley

Barnwood Star is a local Saskatchewan online shop, blog and community dedicated to rustic home decor and design. We feature Saskatchewan-made home decor items and vendors, and curate images and content from around the web to inspire our readers.

Barnwood Star is run by me, Amy Catley. I started this site out of my passion for interior design, obsession with rustic decor and enjoyment of discovering beautiful decor and ideas that inspire.

I also love the province of Saskatchewan and the talented and amazing people that live here, which is why I decided to open an online home decor marketplace on Barnwood Star for Saskatchewan vendors who sell handmade decor. My vision is to provide a sleek, easy-to-use, affordable, well designed selling platform for vendors to sell and get paid online for their products. Many vendors already use social media and other platforms like VarageSale to sell online, which are all very awesome applications – but I wanted to offer something a bit different, a bit more unique and niche to home decor. I’m hoping that Barnwood Star does all this and more. The shop is now open, and I couldn’t be more excited!

A bit more about me; I’m a ranchers wife and mother of one little baby girl living on a ranch just outside of Regina. Even though I live out in the country with cows and horses, I’m very much a computer and techy nerd! I went to school for web design and development and have worked as an animator for digital billboards, as a self-employed web developer and graphic designer, and for a company in Calgary as an online marketer. This website is completely designed and developed by yours truly!

If you have any questions or would like to apply to be a vendor on Barnwood Star, please don’t hesitate to call or email me. Vendors can also apply and set up their own store completely online here.

Have a wonderful day! Thanks for reading.

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– Amy Catley