Monthly Archives: March, 2017

tufted cream headboard rustic inspired bedroom
Trending: Tufted Headboards

Technically, tufted headboards have been on trend for quite some time, so I suppose it’s not “trending” so to speak! The “tufted” look is very versatile depending on it’s surroundings. It can look chic, luxurious and modern if styled with…

clustered pendant lighting on a ladder
Trending: Clustered Pendant Lighting

There’s something raw and rugged about clustered pendant lighting. It really lends to an industrial rustic design, giving a room an un-cut sort of feel. This type of lighting is great to play around with because there are so many…

rustic barnwood mason jar wall decor saskatchewan
wall flower designs, Regina SK

Today’s local artist is the talented Nicole Wall from Regina, owner of wall flower designs. Not only are Nicole’s pieces charmingly rustic, they are practical too! She creates beautiful handmade rustic wall decor with repurposed wood, knobs, hooks, jars and more. Nicole has…